I painted the first tree in this series in 1989.

The tree, its branches, its roots, its trunk, and leaves, has a special place in my art and in my heart.  No matter what life brings, one constant in my life has been the memory of  two trees - A cherry tree and a magnolia tree - in my garden in Nagoya and Greenville. 


Ever present, resilient, growing tall, and majestic.  Expressive beyond and without words.  

This series has been exhibited in countless international shows and has been included in quite a few publications -The New York Times, Town and Country magazine, Florida Design. 

Mineral pigment on Arches paper.  

11.25 x 8 inches/ 28.5 x 20.3 cm

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Echoing Sounds of Stillness, 2001.
Sun Has Vermilion Cousins, 2001.
Circus of the Sun, 2002.
Blue Marigolds, 2002.
Lazy Autumn, 2002.
Not to be Still, 2002.
Sleeping Time, 2002.
In Full Regalia, 2001.
Ocean Sky, 2002.
Red Stones Red Moon, 2002.
Perfumed Joy, 2002.
Two Halves of Each Moment, 2001.
Green Hummings, 2001.
Ayame - Gentle Rain, 2000.
Within Held Dreams, 2002.
Lavender Moment, 2003.
The Sleep of the Moon, 2001.
Tree of Green Knowledge, 2002.
Owl's Insomnia, 2001.
Her Majesty, 2002.
Center of the Wind, 2002.
Green Meditation, 2002.
Sound of White, 2002.
Wondrous Blue, 2002.
Night Gathers, 2002.