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TITLE:  Canopy of Life

YEAR:  2018

CITY:  Greenville, South Carolina

LOCATION:  Furman University Sustainability Center

MEDIUM:  Corten Steel

DIMENSIONS: 12 feet tall

The Shi Center is a place to re-visualize, re-think, and re-purpose the various spheres of knowledge.  For this sculpture, I have created a 3000 pound steel tree that is composed of two hemispheres. It is anchored into place with 8 anchor bolts that are each 2 feet long.

As you walk around the sculpture, you will notice different views, just as when you take a walk in the woods.  The frontal view is that of a large tree, it’s bough full and round, From the side, the view is one of verticality, as if you are walking through a forest of tall slender tree trunks.

I created this sculpture to symbolize the tree of life, the branches of learning, but even more importantly, the canopy of friendships which are born out of and sustained by the student life here at Furman University.  

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