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TITLE:  The Common Thread

YEAR:  2021

CITY:  Greenville, South Carolina

LOCATION: Camperdown Plaza

MEDIUM: Steel, Concrete, Wood, LED, Repurpose textile parts

PRINCIPAL ARTISTS: Yuri Tsuzuki. Vivian Beer. Deedee Morrison.

Supporting Artists - Tobin Hines. Russell & Doug Smoak. Mike Utter. 

Greenville’s rich textile history is the inspiration for The Common Thread - a multimedia public art installation for Camperdown Plaza.  Reflecting iconic shapes, designs, and patterns from the textile industry, the site-specific sculptures are dynamic and playful with sound, light, and color. Utilizing a combination of wood, cement, and steel, these re-imagined and oversized textile sculptures weave a story throughout the plaza of the legacy and importance of the textile industry in Greenville, SC.  

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