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TITLE:  The Common Thread

YEAR:  2021

CITY:  Greenville, South Carolina

LOCATION: Camperdown Plaza

MEDIUM: Steel, Concrete, Wood, LED, Repurpose textile parts

PRINCIPAL ARTISTS: Yuri Tsuzuki. Vivian Beer. Deedee Morrison.

Supporting Artists - Tobin Hines. Russell & Doug Smoak. Mike Utter. 

Greenville’s rich textile history is the inspiration for this multimedia public art installation for Camperdown Plaza.  Reflecting iconic shapes, designs, and patterns from the textile industry, the site-specific sculptures are dynamic and playful with sound, light, and color. Utilizing a combination of wood, cement, and steel, these re-imagined and oversized textile sculptures weave a story throughout the plaza of the legacy and importance of the textile industry in Greenville, SC.  

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