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TITLE:  Butterfly Project

YEAR:  2015- 2018

CITY:  Greenville, South Carolina

LOCATION: Multiple buildings, light posts, parks


The Butterfly Project was conceived by Yuri Tsuzuki to create and install hundreds of butterflies around Greenville's downtown to symbolize the City's transformation. Greenville's story is one of change and growth - transforming from a vibrant textile town to a beautiful place to live, work, and play.  Butterflies were placed on light posts, building facades, and City garages in coordination with the City of Greenville, Duke Energy, and the Cancer Survivors Park.

Follow the butterfly migration to the Cancer Survivors Park where they remind us of the joy in each moment and the power of hope.

"Look there's a butterfly!"

PBS : Butterfly Art Project 
Butterfly Art Project Creates Gateway to Cancer Park
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